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Thread: Why won't my 2mo old nap anymore?

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    Unhappy Why won't my 2mo old nap anymore?

    My 2 month old used to nap for 2-3 hrs during the day with no problems. The past couple of days he's been a terrible napper! I bounce him to sleep then put him in his swing (that's where he has been sleeping) and he'll only last for about 10 mins before he starts crying again. I swaddle him when he sleeps. I've tried the pack n' play, not swaddling him, bouncing him until he's in a deep sleep, burping him, a pacifier, and even leaving the swing on when he's in it. If I just hold him, he will sleep fine....but I can't hold him all the time for every nap. He seems to sleep okay at night -- he just won't sleep well during the day anymore. Anyone else's 2 mon old have this problem? Any advice on what I else I can do??

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    It's so hard to remember that far back, but I'm sure we went through a phase like that. That's the thing about these little ones, everything seems to be a phase, both the good and the bad. Has his nighttime sleep changed at all?
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    i remember wen my lo was 7 weeks old he acted same way, it was his growth spurt as well...it lasted till i learned how to nurse him side-lying..so i strongly advice u to nurse him side-laying n wen he fallas asleep just unlatch him and leave the bed.HTH

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    I agree with Noora! Try nursing your baby while laying down to get baby to take a nap. My little guy isn't napping very well during the day either, but if I lay down and nurse with him, he sleeps for a couple of hours, and I get a little extra cuddling time with him!

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    have you tried wearing him in a sling? When my DS (2 mos also) is having trouble napping or staying asleep when I know that he is really sleepy I pop him in a wrap and go about my business. He is asleep in about two mins. and usually stays sleeping for longer than he would if sleeping in his swing or crib.

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