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Thread: Medela Supplemental Nursing System

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    Default Medela Supplemental Nursing System

    I was wondering if anyone has used the Supplemental Nursing System by Medela...and if it works well. I've been supplementing w/ a Dr.Brown's bottle, but like the idea of supplementing & still receiving the stimulation to increase milk production.

    My dd will sometimes nurse well and not need supplementing, then at other times she falls asleep or gets lazy and refuses to suck hard. I'd like to ditch the supplement, but can't bring myself to do it when she doesn't eat because of not sucking hard (which she only does half the time).


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    I tried to use SNS when my son was 5 months old and it wasn't successful because by that time he was quiet alert pulling the tubes and stuff. Also he is not a good nurser meaning he pops on and off constantly which makes it very hard to use SNS since you have to put the little tube exactly in the middle of the baby's upper lip every time. If your baby is a little younger and latches and stays latched well it can work very well. It is a great invention.

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