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Thread: When to switch sides?

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    Default When to switch sides?

    I have an oversupply and I currently nurse only from one breast per feeding and switch after 2 hours. My DS is 3.5 weeks old and is going through a growth spurt, so he is feeding every hour, sometimes sooner. My breast feels pretty soft and empty when I keep him on the same side repeatedly for 2 hours. Is it a good idea to switch sides to my other breast which is more full of milk to satisfy him even if it hasnt been 2 hours? I dont want to aggravate my oversupply.

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    I would say yes it's a good idea. Your body is amazing and should adjust to LO's needs through all growth spurts. Keep in mind too that even though your breast "feels empty" it's not. Your breast constantly lets down and will continue to "have milk" If you become engorged at any time you can pump just to the point of relieving engorgement After a couple of months of breastfeeding you might level out and not have such a strong oversupply.

    Good luck!
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