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Thread: Tries to nurse with other women

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    Question Tries to nurse with other women

    My son is almost 13 months, still nursing and with more enthusiasm these days than ever. I'm fine to keep nursing for now. My only small concern is that my son will try to get into other women's shirts, not only mine (eg. his grandmother, our real estate agent (??)--strange but true!!). Is it normal for him to check to see if other women have "got the goods"???

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    Geez, I sure hope so, because occasionally my son still does the same thing and he's 13 months too.

    My daughter gave that up pretty quickly (probably around 3 months). I always wonder if he still does it because he's a little male...LOL!

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    Hmm. I remember babysitting for a kid who was ebf. He asked me for "nunnies" once. I just laughed. I grew up with a LLL for a mother, so it all seemed normal to me.
    My 26 mo. old has taken the last 2 weeks to asking dh for "dada milk", and putting himself into "the position" in dh's lap.
    Not really an answer to your question, but I think that some kids see any breast as a source of food!
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    Well, dd is 16 months old and she tries to get up everone's shirt, but to see their belly button. I think its probably just natural curiosity. If she's still doing it when she's 5, I'll start to wonder, but for now, I think she is completely innocent and curious.

    Jillybean--that is one funny story bout your little boy and dada!

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    I was a nanny in college. The little girl that I took care of EBF until she was 24 mos. We referred to her as the mad nipple monster. She didn't try to nurse, she would just tweak everyone's nipples. She didn't even realize she was doing it. I remember one time she was sitting next to the dog and she started tweaking the poor little dog's nipples.

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    LOL, yup, my daughter does this too. They just see them as food and figure, why not??

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