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Thread: How to correct LO following OALD?

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    Default How to correct LO following OALD?

    Hi there...thank you for all the information in this forum, it has answered many of my questions and the blockfeeding has been working wonders.

    There is still, however, a residual issue from the OALD which is that my DD has now unlearnt (if that is possible) how to latch and now her LO is very small and she really just goes for the nipple - OUCH! Even if I wait it out, she does not open wide and of course, the longer I wait, the more impatient she gets. In some ways, I feel like we are going full circle because I recall almost giving up many, many weeks ago when we had these LO issues!! Please help!

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    Default Re: How to correct LO following OALD?


    I'm glad you've found so much information and support on the Mother-to-Mother forums!

    What you are experiencing is not uncommon, and it can take a while for baby to unlearn a bad latch...especially when a good latch has been uncomfortable for baby in the past. You might want to try practicing her latch when she is not yet very hungry. This may alleviate the frustration on her part. Open your own mouth wide to show her what you want her to do. If she starts nipple chewing, remove her and try again. No use persisting with a bad habit and risking nipple damage. She will eventually learn that she needs to open wide when she wants to eat.

    Here's a link you might find helpful: http://www.llli.org/FAQ/positioning.html

    Hang in there!


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