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Thread: Great start, bad finish

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    Default Great start, bad finish

    My baby is 5 weeks old. He has been BFing well from birth, but the last week or so has developed an 'issue' that's very frustrating.

    He latches on well, and feeds well through the letdown (my DD used to cry and sputter through letdown). He will usually feed well on one breast. Then I change and burp him and settle him down for the other breast. It's at that time he gets very agitated. He roots for the nipple while it's in his mouth. He will suck a few times, then sputter and cry and gulp air (it's really similar to how my DD acted when my milk let down) and sometimes will even scream. He acts hungry, but can't seem to eat. I burp him frequently to reduce the chance it's reflux due to gas buildup. Last night I could feed him on neither breast, so the whole feeding was a wash. Very frustrating at 4 am!

    Any ideas?

    Thanks a ton,

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    Default Re: Great start, bad finish

    It seems all of my lo's have done this at times. I often wondered if maybe they were just wanting to suck for comfort (having gotten enough from the first breast), but were instead getting milk.

    I hope he's doing better now?

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    Default Re: Great start, bad finish

    My thoughts are the same. It sounds like he didn't want a full breast of milk but wanted to continue to suckle on the "empty" one. Not sure why he wouldn't take either side last night though? How has he nursed today?


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    My first used to do this until I started only feeding on one breast at a time and letting him nurse for as long (or short) a time as he wanted.

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    My LO did this as well. I had a IBCLC tell me to let him finish the first breast and then give him a pacifier. She said that this is only a good idea if weight gain is on track. It has worked great for us.

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    I agree that it sounds like he might want to comfort suck. As he gets older he'll figure out how to suckle at the breast without getting much milk.

    Pacifiers can be controversial and some mothers prefer not to use them. Here is an article that can help you decide:

    "Mothers are designed to be available to their babies--to help them make the transition into this big, wide world. To teach them to trust, and love, and feel good about being alive."
    --Elizabeth N. Baldwin, Esq., So I Nursed Him Every 45 Minutes

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    How to tell if your breastfed baby is getting enough milk!

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