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    My LO has started to rub his eyes constantly, making them red and watery. If I swaddle his arms up he tosses his head from side to side instead. I know it's hard to interpret behaviour, but do we think this might be: a) I'm tired, b) I have hay fever and itchy eyes, c) I have irritating snot-related issues and am missing my nose and getting my eyes instead, d) I don't know where my eyes / nose are, or my hands for that matter, and this is a completely random gesture that means nothing much in particular, or e) none of the above. ???
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    Man! thats excatly wat my LO did once. and when i swaddelled him he would scream n try to free his hands...he had hay fever..some allergic reaction to an environmental allergen....I did assume maybe he is tired or just discovered his eyes n wat not...so i did nothing bout it till it got worse n worse to the extent that he wasnt able to sleep whole night...so please my advice to u..go to the doc, check him out, if he got some problame he will prescribe him the mediciation if not then u lost nothing, right!

    By the way, does he has any other symptoms? I stress again..go get him cheacked out before it gets worse n make u and ur LO sleep deprived!

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