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Thread: nipple pain

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    Help!!! Its been 3 weeks and still my nipples hurt. one has a crack the other is just very sore. The crack is healing so slowly b/c he nurses so frequently it just opens up every time. It gets better with motrin but I'm afraid to keep taking motrin for so long. Some feeds are better than others. My latch is as good as it can get. Should I just tough it out? Shouldn't it be better by now?

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    what are you doing to heal the cracks?
    heres a link from kelly moms.
    sometimes cracks are a sign on thrush,
    do you have buring pain?

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    I never had cracked nipples, but I remember the nipple pain in the early days of nursing was horrible. Enough to make me flirt with the idea of giving up, which I thankfully never did! It seemed to get worse and worse for me until around 6 wks. then it was gone forever!

    We had a good latch; it just took some getting used to by the nipples that had never been sucked on so much in my life. Seriously 14 times a day. I started to look at my lo like a little piranha coming at my breast, but those days are long gone.

    If you are sure the latch is good, just hang in there; hopefully it will subside soon!
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