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Thread: Sharp shooting pains

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    Unhappy Sharp shooting pains

    Hi, I am breast feeding 8 week old twins, in the last two days i have been getting sharp shooting pains in both breast, i do not have any lumps or fever so i am unsure what this is. I have taken paracetamol this afternoon i have been using lansinoh. I tend to feed my boys together and as a result they sometimes still latch on badly, they both did this last night, and due to tiredness it is difficult to correct quickly, as we end up in a vicious circle get one on properly and the other falls off etc. I am wondering if this is the cause? I also express at times. I initally started this to give one of my boys top up bottles due to him being a lazy feeder and not gaining enough weight.He is now feeding better and gaining weight, approx 7oz/week, my other son feeds well and often puts on 13oz a week. I have also noticed more stretch marks forming on both breast and when they feed it has felt in the last couple of days like my skin is ripping inside. Has anyone eles had this is it normal will it settle down? please any help/advice will be gratefully received. Lou

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    sharp shooting pains sounds like thrush..

    here another link, not lll

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