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Thread: DS hits himself in head while nursing?!

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    Default DS hits himself in head while nursing?!

    DS is nearly 14 months and has recently taken to hitting himself in the head with his hand while he is nursing. He's always been a fidgety nurser. I don't mind that his hands are busy but obviously don't want him whacking himself in the head. Also, how do I keep this from becoming a game? This morning when I stopped his hand mid-strike, he giggled.
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    Default Re: DS hits himself in head while nursing?!

    I think the best way to stop your son from doing anything you don't want him to do is not to react too much. You can gently redirect him to do something else by encouraging him to hold your hand or give him an object to hold. Remember, everything is a stage and he's experimenting with cause and effect. It won't last.

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    Default Re: DS hits himself in head while nursing?!

    DD likes to dig her fingernails into her eye sockets, it really creeps me out. I just try to give her something else to do with her hands. I let her squeeze my finger, which she loves.

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    Default Re: DS hits himself in head while nursing?!

    I am so sorry, I am laughing because my daughter does this too and laughs when I try to stop her. Just ignore it, he is not hurting himself and he will find something else to do eventually. My daughter did it for a while, then stopped, then started again. The more I acknowlegde it, the more she did it.

    FYI, the same thing happened this weekend in the grocery store when she figured out how to stick her finger up her nose. The more I tried to take it out, the most she stuck it back up there and just LAUGHED. I was mortified.

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    Default Re: DS hits himself in head while nursing?!

    Wow! So glad to hear I am not the only mother of a hitter. Dd does that too and its so weird. I just let her, don't react and continue. I figure if it hurt her she would stop. Sometimes I try to redirect casually, to something else, but I never make a big deal out of it. HTH

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    Default Re: DS hits himself in head while nursing?!

    my ds does it too

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    Default Re: DS hits himself in head while nursing?!

    My daughter (15 months) has done this from a very early age. I always attributed it to her trying to keep herself from getting too comfortable. She has always fought sleep and nursing is definitely relaxing!

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    Default Re: DS hits himself in head while nursing?!

    My son does that at times, but now he nurses with a little stuffed monkey with long floppy arms and when he's feeling fidgety he flings that around wildly. He bops himself on the head with it sometimes but at least its nice and soft. Maybe something to try? He also cuddles with it adorably and insists that I give it kisses.
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    Default Re: DS hits himself in head while nursing?!

    My daughter is only 6 months but she does this too. I just put my hand in the way so I get whacked instead. She used to hit my boob while nursing and then shifted over to her head. I don't know what she's thinking!

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    Default Re: DS hits himself in head while nursing?!

    My ds is 16 months and does this sometimes too. When he tries to hit himself on the head while nursing I hold his hand and kiss his fingers or sing a finger play song that he can do the hand motion to with me.

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