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Thread: White spot on nipple?

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    Cool White spot on nipple?

    Hi, I have been breastfeeding but keep running into latch on issues on my left breast (I've some over-supply issues and she has learned to latch on too small). Now I have a white spot on my left nipple - has anyone experienced this and if so, how do you treat it? It looks like some milk has got caught underneath the nipple area and it hurts like *&@#!! Any help would be most appreciated - thanks!

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    From what you discribed, it sounds like a clogged nipple duct. Which is the same thing as a plugged duct, just in the nipple. What I would recommend is to take a warm bath, and get the nipple pores nice and dialated, then if possible, bring the baby in the bathtub with you and let her nurse it out. The warmth from the tub water could make it easier to get the plug out. If that doesn't work, try hand expressing a little bit to see if that works. You will want to take care of it right away because if it's left untreated, you could develop mastitis. I hope this helps

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    Yep--sounds like my clogged duct I had also.

    Massage your breast toward the nipple during a warm shower or bath. Also do this while nursing.

    Can you feel a lump in your breast? If to-point baby's chin toward the lump--varying postion to drain that duct better.

    Here is a link on hand expression you might find helpful

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    Here's an article I found very useful for dealing with plugged ducts:
    Caylen Koen Chew (25/05/06)
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