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Thread: I want to relactate my 4th old

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    Default I want to relactate my 4th old

    I read lots of posts here and I dont think I found exactly what I was looking for or maybe I didnt read all those long post

    Here my thing. I stopped nursing/pumping when she was 2 1/2 months. I still have milk cause I can express my breast and get some. When I pump, I get about 1oz form both breast in 15 minutes. The baby STILL latches on for she LOVES to be at my side...

    I know that several herbs like Funereek (SP?) , pumping, letting baby suck and domperidone help.

    This is what I dont know how to do and need lots of help with.
    How often should I drink thr funreek and how often should I pump and let baby suck on nipple to get my milk flowing again?

    I was told that the domperidone will help alot but along with pumping and sucking Id be more succesfull.

    Does anyone know of a good schedule/routine I should follow daily to be succesfull? Please, all the help you give me will be great!

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    Default Re: I want to relactate my 4th old

    I'd nurse every two hours during the day, and whatever you can stand at night. If bb is willing, don't even bother with a pump. Bb is best at restating your milk.
    I found 9 tablets of fenugreek per 24 hrs worked for me, please consult your dr before taking and supplements or drugs tho!

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    Default Re: I want to relactate my 4th old

    More milk plus extract worked wonders for me. 4 times a day, 2 days later I saw a great difference. You sort of stink but it is worth the cause....

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    Default Re: I want to relactate my 4th old

    yup i second letting your little one nurse every 2 hours if willing, your supply will increase faster with that then anything!
    but for when little one won't then pump every 2 hours during the day and every 4 at night!
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