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Thread: ANOTHER poop question

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    hi everyone,

    i know this has been addressed countless tmes on ths forum but i am still unsure. dd is 7 weeks and has had consistently liquidy army green poops for 2 weeks now. every now and then a mustardy one comes along but they are mostly green and all of a sudden (this past week), very smelly- almost like vinegar or somethng. after reading advice from other postings, have omitted dairy from my diet in case of a dairy sensitvity and i make sure she finishes the frst breast first before offering her the next one in case of a foremlk/ hindmlk imbalance. i haven;t seen any changes. she used to make a lot of grunting noises while scrunching up her body but that has stopped. any advce on what the deal with the poop might be? is it somethng i should worry about?

    Thank you!!!

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    Green is w/in the range of normal. As long as the poop is not foamy, mucousy, or truly foul, it's probably normal.

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