At first I thought it was just Dd refusing the bottle b/c we don't do often, then she took some just fine, then wouldn't, etc. So I thought that perhaps it was a lipase issue and tried scalding some. I think I scalded it properly, waited until the bubbles began to form on the outside, stirred it for a couple of minutes, then put it back into the storage bottle and refridgerated. The next bottle she took just fine. Then I pumped each day for three days (& scalded) and on the third day went out. For some reason Dh gave her that day's milk first. She took it fine. Then he tried to give her one of the other days and she refused, adamently.

Today, I pumped and scaled around 2 pm. Dh tried to give her the milk at 8 pm, she refused.

Oh yes, and somewhere in there I pumped and did not scald and gave Dd the milk very soon and she took it. That (and the smell). is what led me to wonder if it was a lipase problem.

I'm stumped!!?? Any suggestions?

Thank you ladies.