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Thread: How do I stop a night time pumping?

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    Smile How do I stop a night time pumping?

    I pump at 10pm, 2am, and 6am (plus other times during the day - I don't nurse at all). I'd like to drop the 2am session. How do I do it safely without causing clogged ducts?

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    Default Re: How do I stop a night time pumping?

    I recently dropped my night time pumping session. I was pumping around 4 am when my lo would wake up to eat. So I just stopped pumping. I didn't get any clogged ducts. the first couple of nights I woke up around 5:30a with engorgement pain so I got up and pumped. But aside from that its not been a problem.

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    Too be honest, the only way I know is to just stop. My dd has went from nursing two times to one time during the night. I haven't had any engorgement, clogged ducts or pain at all. As long as you continue pumping your other sessions, I think you should be okay.
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    I'm really prone to plugged ducts anytime my ds changes his eating habits- so I'm always reluctant to say just totally drop a feeding or pumping session. I'd be more inclined to maybe say pump for half the time a few nights or maybe pump 30 minutes later each night until you merge into the 6 am session.

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