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Thread: nipple shields please help

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    Hi! I posted a thread on this same subject about 8 weeks ago. I just wanted to tell you to hang in there and it DOES get better. We started with the shield at 3 days because she wouldn't latch without it. I went to LLL meetings, met with various LCs and watched every video available online but nothing could get this child to latch without the shield. I tried every feeding with no luck. Well last Tuesday lo and behold, she DID it without the shield. And we haven't looked back since!!! She was 9 1/2 weeks before she could latch without it. It is an amazing feeling to overcome this! You can too, hang in there and good luck!

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    Just wanted to chime in with the others, but it will get easier and keep doing whatever you have to do. I used a shield as well...I have seriously flat nipples, and I don't mean "kind of flat", I mean there was absolutely nothing for her to latch onto. I was even told by a midwife that I would have a very hard time breastfeeding. My LO was born almost 4 months ago and we finally ditched the shield 2 weeks ago. Just something about the combo of my nipples and her mouth...it just took that long for her to really latch on. Hang in there!
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