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    hi! my 8 week old usually has yellow-green stools. he is happy and not gassy and gains 7-10 oz weekly.
    this am we woke up to an explosive green like grass stool.
    im thinking its a cold? because my 2 yr old is just getting over her cold. or maybe it was the big glass of milk last night? im a big fan of dairy products and maybe thats why the stools are usually more on the yellow green side?
    im pretty sure hes getting plenty of hind milk because he is happy and gaining weight.
    any comments are appreciated!

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    Default Re: green stools

    My baby is 7 weeks and I have the same situation. Up until about a week or so ago, her stools were orange and seedy. Now they are still seedy but a yellow-green color. I empty both breasts every time I pump so I would think she is getting enough hind milk. And she is not fussy or extra hungry, so I just figured this was normal. Is that right?

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    Hi Christine,

    I had a similar issue with my son a couple months ago. Do you have "The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding"? In there there is a section about hindmilk/foremilk imbalance. According to the book if the baby is not getting enough hindmilk he can get gassy and have green stools. LLL recommends using breast compression while nursing to encourage more suckling and release of hind milk. Do you wait for the first breast to fully drain before switching? Try keeping him on longer and see what happens. Often it will clear up in a couple sessions. I've noticed that when I pump (i'm a working mom) that my morning bottles have a lot more foremilk and the afternoon creamier hind milk. I ask my child's care giver to mix the two when bottle feeding to ensure hindmilk is consumed when I'm away. I asked my pediatrician about green stools before and she said they are totally normal.

    Hope this helps!

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