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Thread: Sleeping through the night

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    My 6 wk old is starting to sleep through the night sometimes. He'll go anywhere between 4-8 hrs. On the longer stretches of his sleep, my breasts get painfully engorged. What should I do? Do I wake up and pump it out fully in the middle of the night or wait to pump in the morning after he has his morning nursing? Won't he only get foremilk because of all that milk? And, will this severe engorgement cause my milk supply to lessen? Is it safe for my 6 wk old to sleep that long without eating? That sometimes makes for only 6-7 feedings during a 24 hr period, but I thought we were still supposed to be in the 8-12 feedings stage.

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    dd did the same thing. You know, my LLL leader here had great advice. She told me that my breasts will get used to her schedule. They were painfully full at first, but within a week or so they kind of lessened. I mean, they are still full and dripping come AM - but it has not affected my milk supply - and the few times she ahs woken up to nurse in the middle of the night - there is still milk for her.

    I do wear a nursing bra to bed with pads in it and it helps with the pain.

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