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Thread: Mom with Anemia wants to BF

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    Default Mom with Anemia wants to BF

    Looking for information and as much as possible!
    I am BF support for my local twins group. My boy-boy twins have been nursing from the start, and still going strong at 21mos! So you can probably imagine I'm pretty willing to make it work for other MOMs!
    I have a friend who's expecting her twins in July and really wants it to work this time. She has anemia (w/o PG)=and has low hemoglobin already. They are suggesting she may have to have an iron transfusion before the babies are born. (problem #1). I am suggesting that with supplements and a very focused diet, it should be un-necessary. Am I wrong? Am I right in thinking of lean red meats, beans and legumes, iron-fortified grains, blackstrap molasses, and leafy greens along with increased Vitamins C and D that it should really help?
    With ds1, she was only able to BF until 5mo, when she was advised to wean due to extremely low hemoglobin. She said she was very sickly, pale, and low energy. She never had good milk supply (probably due to iron levels?).
    She wants so bad to overcome this with the twins! And I want to help!
    Let me know if you need more info to help me and I'll do my best from my end, if you do the best from your end
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    Default Re: Mom with Anemia wants to BF

    I'm no expert - but depending on the cause of her anemia it seems like she should hopefully be able to get her hemoglobin levels up through a combination of diet and supplements?

    Here's a thread that may help - it contains links to an article about anemia & BF:

    Good luck!
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    Default Re: Mom with Anemia wants to BF

    She could try the health food store for some floriadix
    Its an iron suppliment that natural and it has the vitiaman c already in it.
    Better abosbed then other suppliments.
    I cann't get my computer to open up to get a link!
    Lots she can do for anemia!

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    Default Re: Mom with Anemia wants to BF

    I'm a bf anemic, and floradix really helps me. It is the only iron supplement that does not cause me constipation. Also, I still take prenatals.

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    Default Re: Mom with Anemia wants to BF

    ditto the PP!! getting iron levels back up are tough though. If she is weak pale or sickly this time around, she should be under close care!

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