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Thread: Left breast rejection

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    Unhappy Left breast rejection

    I know that babies sometimes prefer one breast over the other, but my LO is rerjecting my left breast (the major producer) and I'm constantly getting clogged ducts. She (10 weeks) use to prefer the left but never rejected the right. What's going on? Now that our latch is really good and my cracks are finally healing, I have to deal with majorly clogged ducts every other day When will my bf experience be problem free?

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    Hi there,

    Did ur lo had a cold recently? When babis have ear pain lets say in the left ear they reject the left breast coz its painful for them...so check that out...I hope this gets better sooono...I know how hard it is...

    By the way, my Lo did that too (after he was cured from his ear infection)..and I dont know why..but i kept offerin him the breast in diffrent ways..like walkin...also while he is asleep..thats a good time to empty that breast...be persistent..N i strongly belive the problae will be solved

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    Default Re: Left breast rejection

    Have you tried pumping the left breast? That might help with the clogged ducts. My LO has always preferred the right over the left but we just kept working at it. Sometimes when he was half-asleep I could get him to nurse the left.

    Hang in there!

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    Default Re: Left breast rejection

    hi, I had this problem when ds went for a hernia op at 12 weeks. He was too sore to nurse on the L side....now he just prefers the R.
    I tried all kinds of positions.....the one that worked for me was having him lying on the floor and me leaning over him....kinda weird to look at. He now feeds from the L in cradle hold if he is hungry enough or sleepy, but I still have to occasionally lay him down to nurse.

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