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Thread: Ginger, Mint & Bfing

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    Default Ginger, Mint & Bfing

    I've been having this stubborn cough that wouldn't go away, even after 2 bottles on cough syrup.

    Someone advised that I can use either fresh ginger (smashed) or mint (peppermint) leaves, boil it and drink as I would drink water.

    I just want to know if taking these 2 herbs will affect my milk in anyway (eg, more wind or heatiness passed into breastmilk). I am looking to take natural remedy as I am never very keen on processed medication.

    I believe this will need to be taken long term until the cough finally subsides.

    Please post your advice. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Ginger, Mint & Bfing

    I heard that peppermint can lower your milk supply, I don't know about ginger.

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    Default Re: Ginger, Mint & Bfing

    I don't have the answer but I am very disturbed to read about the peppermint, especially since I ate half a bag of the new Mint Creme Oreos today... like I didn't feel bad enough about eating them!

    Oh well, thanks for your post. I learn so much on these forums! I hope you feel better soon!

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