The Look of Innovation
La Leche League International is proud to announce some innovating changes that will enhance your online experience: a new online storefront! We invite you to browse and test the many improved features of this system, including order tracking, faster search capabilities, and easier checkouts. As a reward for testing the new storefront, we’re having an online Spring Sale like you’ve never seen before, which offers a variety of quality products at our lowest prices ever!

The Look of the Future
Be on the lookout for future sales and technology updates that will showcase exciting functionalities of the LLLI Web site. Please take a few moments now to browse the new online storefront at Thank you for all that you do, from helping mothers and babies to buying supplies from LLLI. Your support ensures that our organization continues to be the premiere source of breastfeeding information and support for generations to come.

Please take a few moments now to shop the new online storefront at

Jennifer Hopkin

Marketing Director

La Leche League International


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