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Thread: A new sign for milk??

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    Default A new sign for milk??

    This might be a bit long so bear with me.. I have a DS that turned one on 4/14 and now wonder what he is thinking!! Just a few days ago started to put his finger in his mouth and gagging himself, I would take it out cause hated hearing him gag but now I kinda have to laugh because i have been trying to teach him the milk sign instead of pulling up my shirt when he wants to nurse, So i have been signing milk and saying want mamas milk? So now instead of siging milk he promply puts his finger in his mouth and gags himself like thats his sign for milk. I don't know what to do cause I surely don't want him gaging himself. Or is he just smart knowing that milk goes in his mouth and he will always use this sign and just hopefully not gag him self at some point or should I not not try to teach him at all?? Confused to say the least I have never had any of my others do this!
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    My son is 13 months today and about 3 or 4 weeks ago he started randomly gagging himself too. My guess is that he's teething and trying to put his whole hand in there to bite on.

    Your DS might think it's cool to gag himself since you're reacting to it. Good old cause and effect! Try ignoring it and don't react at all. Gross, but the worst thing he'll do is make himself barf, and if he does that he'll probably never gag himself again!!!!

    If it were me, I would also ignore it if he gagged himself to ask for mama milk. Wait until he asks any other way...even by lifting the shirt.... and then nurse him. Hopefully he'll get the picture! Good luck!

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    you know... a gal that I know said her little girl who is that exact age just figured that she could make her self throw up and it was great fun to baby.
    Not so much for mom who had to clean it up while her 2 odler girls were rolling around on the floor laughing..

    hell get the sign if you keep showing it to him.
    good luck!

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