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Thread: HELP-has anyone ever relactated before?

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    Default HELP-has anyone ever relactated before?

    Hello Mums,
    My babe is 4 months old, went on strike almost 2 months ago, we worked and worked, never got her back on...she received bm for another month after that and I finally let it go...well, I'm not satisfied, we have another 8 months where she will need bm or formula, she's been showing interest in the breast again and has even latched on a few times of her own accord...problem...no more milk. I did have a great supply while I was nursing & pumping originally.
    Just looking for support, I am making a dr appt to look into domperidone (?), and I have some herbs here from before...needing some encouragment.
    I KNOW it has been done before...We're hoping to join the ranks of the success stories.
    ANYONE BEEN HERE BEFORE...please respond.

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    Default Re: HELP-has anyone ever relactated before?

    I can't help on that issue, but there is a forum especially for "Relactating and induced lactation". Just click above on "Le Leche League Mother-to-Mother Forums" It is quite a ways down the list. You might be able to find some help better there-read old post ect.

    Good Luck

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    Smile Re: HELP-has anyone ever relactated before?


    I am currently inducing lactation (6 month old - wanting to relactate first time mommy). I was prescribed domperidone, fenugreek, blessed thistle and 8 times a day pumping. In 4 days I got drops and now about two weeks later I have 1/2 oz and that is strictly pumping. DD never BF and does not know how to latch. So you are already ahead of me!

    You can do it! Have you thought about using an SNS? Definately meet with an LC, I love mine!


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    Default Re: HELP-has anyone ever relactated before?

    i have a question you stopped nursing at 2 months but still gave breast milk for a month, was it stored breast milk or were you pumping?
    I ask because I was always told that "Typically" though not always it takes as long as you haven't been BF to get your supply back to where it was. so if you stop for a month it will probably take a month to get it back.

    I have relactated. i bf my son for 1 week, quit and at almost 6 weeks of age started relactating for him. it took me longer then most women but i used hand expression and his sucking since the pumps just don't work for me. by the time he was 4 months old he was ONLY nursing. no supplements! so you can do it! we are all here to help!
    you have to remove milk to make milk so pump pump pump! as often as possible but at least ever 2-3 hours during the day and 4-6 at night! (I only pumped once a night ) there is cluster pumping which seems to help some women too. i would go no more then 2 hours between expression but in the beginning i was doing it a lot more, sometimes ever 15 - 30 minutes.
    oatmeal was a big plus for me as well and LOTS of water!

    anyway goodluck to you ! you can do this! get little one to the breast as often as possible as this will build your supply faster then anything else!
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    Default Re: HELP-has anyone ever relactated before?

    Glad you popped in TiffanyJewel, I could not remember your user name but you were the first to come to mind when this post showed up! Your success story is the one I always tell when confronted with people that say it isn't possible. Best of Luck, Kay S!!
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