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Thread: pumping from saggy breast

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    Default pumping from saggy breast

    Hi all,
    My baby is 7 weeks old and i'm exclusively BreastFeeding her.Since I need to return to work I started pumping but I'm very dissapointed.I'm getting only .5 ounce of milk from both the breast.I know I have a good supply of milk since I was able to manual express 3 ounce.My breasts are saggy.Does that mean pump won't work on saggy breast ?
    Can i keep trying pumping even though i don't get any milk ?
    In that case how long should i try before giving-up ?

    I'm using Medela Advcaned Pump
    If this doesnt work out then i need to stop bf since I have to get back to work in 2 more weeks.

    I'm desperate for help.

    Thanks for your time

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    Default Re: pumping from saggy breast

    If you were able to hand express 3 oz, have you considered just continuing to hand express? Some moms find that hand expression is more effective for them than pumping. The key, as with pumping, is just to ensure you have clean hands and clean collection containers.

    To answer your question, a pump will work regardless of how saggy it is (laughing, boy am I familiar with sagginess in breasts!) When you're working and pumping, you'll be pumping to replace breastfeeding sessions that you would normally have with your child, so you may find that your breasts feel more full by the time you pump. Best bet is to try to keep to your child's natural schedule once you go back to work and pump during times when you would normally have been feeding the baby.

    If you're trying to build a supply for that first day back, many moms find that they can get good production by nursing the baby on one side and pumping the other side. Your milk supply is naturally at its highest in the morning, so doing this for the first feeding or two a day might help. Save all the milk you get! Even though it may be small quantities at first, when added together hopefully it'll be plenty for your first day. After that, the milk you pump on day 1 at work is the milk you'd want to give on day 2 and so on. It's nice to have a little in the freezer in case of emergencies, but you don't need a huge quantity.

    Warm Regards,
    Karen Smith
    LLL Leader, IL

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