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Thread: Is my LO getting enough?

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    Default Is my LO getting enough?

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this. My four-month-old LO started sleeping through the night (9 pm to 5 am) this past Friday. (I used to feed her when she woke at 3 a.m., then again before I leave for work at 6 a.m.) This morning, during my first pump, I pumped 8 oz. — double what I'm used to. For my lunch pump just now, I pumped my regular 4 oz. My question is, do you think my LO is getting enough to eat? Or is she now "missing" a feeding? I'm worried because I pumped so much this morning. Should I chalk it up to it being a Monday morning pump? And...should I pump at 3 p.m. like I usually do? I already have the 12 oz. I usually send with her to daycare. Will I be "robbing her" of milk to BF her when I get home? Sorry for so many questions! TIA for your help.

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    I kind of had the same question and I was told to trust my body, It will make what the baby needs--the more you pump the more you make. I was pumping after my daughter's first meal in the morning and worried that there wouldn't be enough left if she wanted more an hour or two later and it was never an issue. I hope this helped, I am eager to see other's responses.

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    I would still pump at 3pm. At the very least you would have extra milk that you may need in the future.

    I agree w/ pp, trust your body. It will make all the milk your baby needs.

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