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Thread: Cracked nipples

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    Default Cracked nipples

    My baby is 6 weeks old, I am breastfeeding 24/7, I got cracked nipples while still in hospital (the baby was cluster feeding and not latching on properly).
    She is now eating well but my nipples just don't seem to be healing. I have tried expressing a bit of milk and air drying, I am using an anti-bacterial cream but there is no sign of improvement, I occasionally get a tiny bit of funny looking discharge as well, which doesn't seem to affect the milk at all, baby is a very enthusiastic feeder!
    Any tips?

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    Default Re: Cracked nipples

    Moist wound healing has been shown to be very effective for healing sore nipples. Keeping your nipples moist will allow any cracks to heal without scabbing or crusting. Lansinoh for Breastfeeding Mothers was developed specifically to create a moist healing environment for injured nipples.

    This link to LLL’s website discusses a few other comfort and healing measures you can take.

    How do I heal sore nipples?

    How's the baby's latch? Do you have a local Leader you could call to come and take a look?

    HTH! And I hope you heal up and feel better soon. Hang in there!


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    Default Re: Cracked nipples

    I second using Lansinoh!!! It is what finally helped my raw cracked nipple heal. But the trick is to use it pretty much all of the time, even put it on before showering because that will help protect against water spray.

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