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    Question Just starting...

    Our DS is 6 months and we just started rice cereal about 2 weeks ago. He really likes it but he didn't poop for 8 days and we think it was the cereal. So, we stopped that and started pears and apples. Last night he tried peas for the first time and really seemed to like them. My problem is I feel kind of clueless with all of this. I don't know how often to feed, amounts, etc. Could anyone shed some light on what your LO's ate, how often and types of food. Our second issue is that DS wakes up between 3-330 with gas, he cries, we pick him up and he'll sleep on DH's tummy. we don't want to start bad habits but once he starts crying he keeps us all up. If he is hungry we give him EBM and he goes back down. I think he first wakes up with the gas rather than being hungry. Is this from starting solids? WHen should he sleep through the night?

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    I started DS on solids at 6 months. We skipped the cereal and went straight to "solid food." He gets solids once a day at dinner time. Sometimes he will get solids during the day but not too often.

    I started out with bananas. We have tried applesauce, sweet potatoes, carrots, avocado, pears, and peaches (in that order). I wait at least one week before adding a new food to his diet because I have a history of food allergies.

    When DS first started solids I it was more for experimentation rather than nutrition. I let him explore the tastes and textures. I let him mash it in his hands and rub it all over his face. When he was about 7 months I started focusing more on eating. I started out with about 1 tablespoonful per feeding. DS is 8 months now and eats about 1/2 tub (the plastic container that Gerber food comes in) per feeding. I give solid food about 2 hours after a feeding of EBM.

    For gas I use Mylicon drops. I have found that his gas is more related to EBM (b/c of what I am eating) rather than baby foods. Do you notice the gas more with one food over another? That may be a hint that LO isn't tolerating that food very well.

    My DS is 8 months old and only sleeps for about 6 hours at night without eating. I usually put him down about 9:00pm and feed him while he is asleep at around 1:00am. He will then sleep until about 7:00am.

    Sorry this is so long. Good luck!

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