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Thread: breastfeed or solids first?

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    Default breastfeed or solids first?

    Question for all you moms out there,

    Do I have to offer nursing first before meals or can I just go right to feeding solids, then nurse after?

    My DS is 8 1/2 mos old just now really eating solids at 8 months. He'll eat 1-2 ounces twice a day if I offer them first, then nurse after. If I do the reverse he won't eat hardly at all.

    Our schedule is this:

    7am wake up, nurse

    9:30 nurses well, then nap

    12 noon solids, then nurses (not much)

    1:30 nurses well, then nap

    4:30 nurses somes

    5pm solids

    6:30 - 7 nurses well, then bedtime

    nurses around 8:30, 11, then sleeps til 5 or 6 am *Usually except lately I think he's doing a growth spurt and nursing a lot more a night (we cosleep still)

    Any suggestions would be so appreciated. If I nurse him first before solids, he won't eat. But he's only eating 2-3 ounces total solids per day.


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    Default Re: breastfeed or solids first?

    I always read that until 9 mos at least you should nurse first then feed as bm is the most important and you are supplimenting it. (Canadian Pediatric Society)

    Hope that helps.

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    Default Re: breastfeed or solids first?

    By this stage, I used to nurse my babies from one side, then give the solids, then finish off by nursing from the other side. This has always worked well for us.

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    Default Re: breastfeed or solids first?

    It's a good idea to offer to nurse before offering a few teaspoons of solids This prevents baby from taking in too much of the non-nutritive solid foods. For the first full year of life, breastmilk should make up the vast majority of baby's daily calories. HTH!
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    I often nurse my 9 m.o. DD after a solid meal . On a typical day she'll get up around 7:30 or 8:00, I nurse her, then I'll feed her a modest amount of solid (fresh grated apple with prune to help pass all the solids) at 10:00 followed by a good nursing at around 10:30 right before her mid-morning nap. She gets 3 small amounts of solids per day, with second meal being home-made organic vegetable soup and third meal being a little bit of avocado. The amounts are not a lot, enough to keep her interested in solids, but keeping breastfeeding as the main source of nutrition. I have found that for me nursing her after a meal helps me know that she's well fed and I keep the solid intake low. HTH
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