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Thread: How many times to still breastfeed?

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    Default How many times to still breastfeed?

    Hello ladies I am new here and my daughter is 8 months old. She was exclusively breastfed until 6 months when I introduced solids but between the gagging and refusal to open her mouth, it was more of an occasional attempt until the past couple weeks. She has finally opened her mouth and taken some. I have been trying to spoon feed her twice a day but am confused about when I should breastfeed. She was breasfeeding every 4 hours prior, should this remain the same or should it be longer now that she is taking solids?

    I also found that although it was recommended to breastfeed prior to solids she was only receptive if it was "time" to eat therefore I fed her solids first. It seems to be going ok I am just completely out of my comfort zone where an every 4 hour simple breast schedule was our routine. Now I am overwhelmed at how to find a new rhythm.

    Please help!
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    you should still feed on demand. bm is the main source of nutrition until the first year. hth and welcome
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