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Thread: Lopsided breasts

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    Default Lopsided breasts

    Is this normal and will it go away? My left breast is noticably bigger than my right and also produces way more milk. I've been pumping my right breast more often to try and speed up milk production, but it doesn't seem to work. I do switch for each feeding, but I know she gets more from the left.

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    The lopsidedness is normal. I'm not sure if it will go away on its own or not though. You may want to try to even things out by getting baby to nurse more from the right side. Start her out on that side then switch her to the other side when she's ready (if she nurses on both sides) and then switch her back to the left again, if she'll have it. This is what I did when I was trying to even things out (my right side produces more than my left) and it worked very well. I was lopsided with DS2 and it never seemed to even out until I started proactively trying to change it

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