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Thread: when to start blw?

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    Default when to start blw?

    My LO is just 6 months and we have been attempting to start him on solids via blw, but we have had mixed results... he seems a ton more interested when he can play with it and touch it, and I dont think he has actually swallowed any of it, but one night we gave him a piece of chicken which he did managed to get off a little shred and subsequently choked on it (turning red in the face, had to whack his back, projectile vomit, etc ). SO now my hubby says no more, time for purees, but he hates being spoonfed and probably eats less than by blw.... I am wondering if it just ins't too early for it because he is definitely still learning on the pincher-grip... any ideas? any experience with babies choking during blw? I have heard it isnt supposed to happen, but it did... I think it might have been gagging more than choking, the piece was too shredded to actually obstruct the airay, but still...

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    I've just started too with blw, and am taking it slow. Have found that big chunks of cooked food is much easier for DS to manage. We started blw right on 6 months, and it has been going great so far!

    So far, I've given DS cooked pieces of thick cut french fry sized carrot sticks.
    Thick slices of canned organic pear
    1/3 strips of banana (seperated where the banana naturally separates)
    Avocado (that was a little too slippery for him)
    Mandarin (from the can - nice and soft).
    Wild salmon (fresh and ultra soft and mushy)
    I also have been giving him organic oatmeal with EMB.

    So far so good with zero choking incidents. That must have been scary for you! I would just continue to take it slow, and maybe try offering some softer foods in bigger chunks until he gets used to swallowing. Chicken might be a little firm still.

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    Default Re: when to start blw?

    Yikes! That's scary - glad that your LO is okay.

    If you read through the posts by moms who have done baby led weaning, many say that they started offering food at about 6 mo but that their LO didn't do much in the way of eating until more like 8 mo or older. This is definitely true for us! Our LO mostly played with food until he was about 8.5 mo. He does much better at managing food now but still does things like put too many cheerios into his mouth and had to do alot of gagging / coughing to get them out. Not quite choking but I was watching closely in case he needed some help.

    How about changing what you offer to things that are less of a possible choking risk? We started with really mushy things that DS could pick up and put in his mouth if interested, but mushy enough to not need chewing and less of a choking risk.

    My personal test for "mushy enough" is if I can mush it between my tongue and the roof of my mouth without needing to chew.

    Some of the things we tried that worked well as beginning foods are:
    - sweet potato (I bake or microwave in the skin, cool, and then scoop it out)
    - butternut squash (small cubes steamed)

    Others report good success with avocado or banana (but both are pretty slippery).

    There is a good thread on choking vs. gagging - I'll find it and bump it for you.

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