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Thread: Sterilizing bottles

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    Default Sterilizing bottles

    I was not sure where else to post this question. I was wandering how often I should be sterilizing (in boiling water) bottles, nipples and breast pump accessories. A friend of mine who is a medical assistant told me I should be sterilizing them after each use.........
    As a working mother with a husband who works nights, 2 dogs and 6 puppies.....I don't even have time to take a shower everyday. I was just wandering what everyone else was doing.

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    I looked on-line and could not find anything!
    I do you have a dish washer? I would just run them in the dishwasher.
    I did read some stuff about pump parts and it said to follow the directions that came with your pump.
    For the bottles and nipples I would boil them when they started to get gunky in them? I've never did more than the dishwasher, but then I was giving mostly formula and it was 15 years ago. lol so I realy don't remember what I did.
    I did baby sit for a mom who never did hers and they were so gross, he was a formula baby and all his bottles had this film on them it was just sick, they even smelled bad after you took the formula out. So I would take them and boil them for her.

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