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    dd is almost 7 months. we started solids at 6 months at which time she didnt want mashed bannans. I tried rice cer. she hated it. i tried jared sweet p..sucess she would eat 4oz. she like apples, pears, carrots as well. now she seems to hate everything. i tried making my own porriage from the super baby food book...she hates it. she even refuses sweet p sometimes. i stopped putting her in her chair b/c she cries. so its a huge mess. is she just not ready...any thoughts on why she is going backward? i try 2x a day and its gettng worse instead of better. i am worried

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    Could she be teething? My dr. said that during teething, they sometimes refuse to eat (but my dd has been in preteething for 3 mo). My dd is doing the same thing. Every once in a while I can get her to eat if she is holding a spoon (when she opens for her spoon, I put some food in with another so she thinks she is eating herself).

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    Hi! My daughter also didn't like solids much at this age. But, according to my wonderful pediatrician, that's okay, because up to a year, solids are just for experimentation.

    It sounds like your daughter isn't having much fun at mealtimes. Perhaps she doesn't like the spoon? My daughter is an avid self-feeder. She would not and still will not take anything that comes at her on a spoon. She makes a face and bats the spoon, and everything on it goes flying. Sometimes if I hand her the spoon she will maneuver it into her mouth, but mostly I have to let her feed herself. We started with cheerios and very soft foods like boiled chicken, tofu, roasted sweet potato, mashed peas, and soft noodles. At first she just played with them, but now she's a hog for solids.

    Anyway, that's my long-winded way of saying maybe it's time to introduce fun back into your mealtimes. Let them be no-pressure times, during which your LO can play with food and experiment with new textures, and eventually I bet a few morsels will find their way into her mouth!

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