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Thread: Oatmeal? Or wait?

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    Default Oatmeal? Or wait?

    Well I had started my son on solids at five months, I was adament about waiting until six but he was grabbing food out of my hands and seemed SO EXCITED about it and ready! We tried avacado and he gobbled it up, LOVED it. So we did that for 4 days and yesterday tried sweet potato. He HATED it. We tried two bites and he made the funniest face and spit it out. So we decided to try a little banana and he hated that, too. Looked like he was gagging and I thought all kids loved banana. I was wondering if I should try something bland, like oatmeal, or if I should just wait until later when he's sitting up and capable of self-feeding, like I had originally planned? If I do oatmeal, how do you all do that? The quick regular oats? Do you do anything special to it? Does it sound like he isn't actually ready and I was misreading his interest? You guys are great, thanks in advance.

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    Good morning!

    We started cereal at 4 months, per docs instructions. My little guy was also grabbing at my food! Anyway, we started with rice cereal, then moved to oatmeal. Both single grain. Doc said to just start slowly, working our way through the cereals first. The oatmeal we're using is the Gerber single grain.

    Good luck! The look on their face when trying something new is just too precious!

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