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    Hi, my DS has been exclusively breastfed since birth. He's never been given water to drink. Just wondering how much water he should take once he starts solids? Can I introduce water to him in a cup rather than from a bottle?

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    i would definitely use a cup and not a bottle. baby really doesn't need a lot of water at all and should start to get used to a cup. here are two great links with info. it looks like no more than 2 oz a day is about right but that there is still not a real need for anything other than breastmilk.



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    I've found with starting solids that my son needed to drink water to prevent constiptation. In addition, I give him fruits high in water content (watermelon, pears, honeymelon, etc).

    Here's some infor on how much water from http://www.purehealthybaby.com/Water_156.html

    Once your baby does start eating solid foods water should be offered with all meals and snacks. Gradually introduce water to your baby until he or she is drinking a maximum of 4-6oz daily. Maintain this amount until your baby is a year so it will not compromise their milk intake.
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