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Thread: how much is too much - solids?

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    Question how much is too much - solids?

    Hi I'm new so hopefully I am doing this right.

    My DD is 7.5 months old. She has been on solids since 6 months. She loves solids. She still bf about 5- 6 times a day, and once and a while she will wake up at night for a feeding. My question is how much solid food should I feed her. Right now she eats 2 ice cub size portions of fruit with 3 tbs of cereal for breakfast and 2 veggie cubs, 2 fruit cubs, and 3 tbs of cereal for dinner. I am afraid its too much but she never stops and sometimes gets upset if I don't give her more. She was 7.11 at birth and is now about 16.5 I am worried that my milk supply has gone down so she is replacing it with food. Any ideas?


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    Default Re: how much is too much - solids?

    Are you offering the breast before you feed her? I did this until about 11 months. Then she let me know if she wanted the breast or the solids. At this point(7.5 months), the solids shouldn't replace the milk,so offer your breasts, let her drink that, then within a half hour or so, offer the solids. You could at this point start introducing cut up pieces. I started at six months completely skipping purees. That way they control how much they really want and aren't just opening wide for the spoon.

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