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Thread: EM bottles

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    Smile Re: EM bottles

    I would reccomend only buying one bottle of a specific brand until you see what your LO likes. They may hate the bottle you like and then you are stuck with extra bottles you can not use not to mention the $$ you spent on them.

    Early on we tried Avent, then the Breastflow bottle by First Years, then Dr. Brown's. My LO refuses the Avent from both my husband and I. She will only take the Dr. Brown's from my husband and will only take the Breastflow bottles from me. We are guessing the difference is b/c the Breastflow is more like a breast and I nurse her so it is all she will take from me but I do not use a bottle that often these days now that she is finally nursing!!

    More recently we started using glass bottles to avoid issues of chemicals in the plastic but daycare will not use the glass for safety reasons (which I agree with). The chemical issues are covered in this thread:
    http://forums.llli.org/showthread.ph...hlight=bottles in the Around the Refreshment Table section. I'll bump it for you.

    Keep trying different ones and you will find one that your LO likes.
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    Default Re: EM bottles

    It truly is best to wait a couple more weeks as to not cause any confusion. LO might find that a bottle is not as much work and prefer it...and any bottle nipple uses a different suck. Tongue is drawn back with a bottle and is trust forward on the breast. I agree it might be nice to be able to get away for a couple of hours.....however I would nurse then scoot out the door for quick trips to the store and run errands and leave the baby with my DH. Or I took LO with me and nursed whenever and wherever. Did not use a bottle for quite some time......When we did we used the Playtex VentAire and I was lucky as he took to it right away (for anyone but me that is). To this day if he knows I am in the hosue he will not take that bottle...Gotta love him!
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