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Thread: Ideas for a baby who is still at Stage 1 foods

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    Default Ideas for a baby who is still at Stage 1 foods


    Our 11 month old baby does solids 3X a day - breakfast, lunch and dinner. She has been eating solids since 6 months but she still prefers the puree type stuff that babies get at Stage 1. When we try to give her more chunky stuff she gags and makes funny noises. Also, we try giving her finger foods and she is not very good with them - she will put them in her mouth and then stick her finger in and play with them. Sometimes she will really eat them - other times she will bring them back out and throw on the floor. She likes to suck and chew on bread and biscuits but I am not sure she really eats them too much.

    How can we encourage her to really eat this stuff - eat more adult like food, I mean. Do we need to experiment with all sorts of food and find her favourites or does she not really have any so early on? Is she finding the food we give her not tasty enough? Is this a good time to introduce some spices and salt and stuff?



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    Default Re: Ideas for a baby who is still at Stage 1 foods

    just keep experimenting. THats what this time in their development is for. Try moving the jarred stuff out and see if homemade stuff is more to her liking. if she's interested just keep offering stuff. As long as she is having bm primarily, and there's no weight/growth issues- there should be no worries Have you talked to her/a ped about it?
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