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Thread: Best Bottle nipple type?

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    My daughter was five weeks premature and just started to be able to latch on(at three weeks old), she used the Soothie nipple for the past week and it worked great! I found it at Target.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen Gromada View Post
    I'm going to respectfully disagree with much of the info offered on this web page -- except for the latex avoidance related to allergy issue. The research cited is OLD. Feeding bottle nipples change over time. What may have been best 10-20 years ago may now be terrible -- none of those bottle nipples may be the same as at the time tested.

    Also, there is no research that any particular supplementary feeding device results in better breastfeeding outcomes long term. There is NO research related to transitioning a baby receiving supplements via feeding-bottle-nipples to breast -- including what shape, size, material, etc. is associated with better breastfeeding outcomes. There is research that flow rate through a bottle nipple and the technique for bottle-feeding (or other feeding) can affect infant oral/mouth behaviors related to infant airway protection; these behaviors can be associated with breastfeeding.

    Another LC colleague and I have been studying the research because we've wanted to see what method and then which feeding-bottle-nipples were less likely to interfere with a transition to breastfeeding. We found a way to test bottle nipples and did find a couple that currently seem more compatible with a baby's breastfeeding oral/mouth behaviors. (All of the feeding-bottle nipples we tested were labeled "newborn/stage 1/level 1" and "slow flow." We also tested a number of the disposable nipples the hospitals use. Most nipples are too fast flow but a couple are too slow -- need to "reward" without creating oral/in mouth "disorganization" related to tiring baby out.) We also encourage a technique that encourages a breastfeeding-type "latch on" and gives a baby more control of the fluid coming into the mouth.

    If anyone is interested in our findings, contact me via personal email.
    Hey KAren,

    I am really keen to know about your findings. I did try to contact you by private message but was unable to do so.

    I am returning to work part time in 5 weeks time. While I am at work my mom would be giving her expressed BM.I have no clue which nipple to choose. I think your findings will help us make a more informed choice.I am really really scared of nipple confusion. It would be terrible if she didnt want to nurse from me after she got introduced to bottles.


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    Hi Karen,

    Like the poster above I tried to email you but couldn't. Can you email me or post your research findings?

    Thank you

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