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Well this is a preemie forum so All the moms here must have some experience with this as national guidelines suggest ALL preemies be on iron, breastfed or if only formula a high iron verison...so i am puzzled by the silence?Is it possible tht many moms here chose to disregard the advice of their doctors and do what they thought was right?
I have been at odds with the iron issue...my doctor intructed me to give dd the vitamin as long as she is breastfeeding, and my lactation specialist told me that she doesn't believe they're necessary. DD is now 4mo and has been home for 2.5 months. I have NOT been giving her the vitamins recently because she gags and massively vomits almost every time I would try to give them to her with the eyedropper (she gags on bottles since transitioning her to breastfeeding). As a mom, I think she's doing fine. She gains weight steadily, is not lethargic, and nurses well. She has a doctor's appt. in a week, and I am going to ask him to check her blood just to make sure...my intuition tells me that she's fine, that giving her the vitamin was doing more harm than good, but I'm still a bit unsettled about going against doctor's orders.