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Thread: Baby is eating 7 jars of solids a day! Help!

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    Exclamation Baby is eating 7 jars of solids a day! Help!

    My son has been eating solids for 2 1/2 mo. & is now wanting to eat more & more. He nurses for a short time about 6 times a day, but when he is really hungry (3 times a day), he fusses until he is fed solids- and when I try to stop at 1 jar, he fusses for more (stage 2!). what do I do? I am nervous that he is not getting enough BM. I have been giving him this much for about 1-2 mo. Do you think I deprived him? I feel terrible! I should have realized it was too much, but didn't until the nurse told me it was today. All the websites say "feed them until they don't want anymore". he could eat more than he is, but I stop him & try to nurse him more to distract him.
    Please help.

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    Default Re: Baby is eating 7 jars of solids a day! Help!

    If you want to continue breastfeeding more, keep trying. It might take a while, but if there are other mothers on here that are reintroducing breastmilk, then it is possible. Just keep patience. My daughter disliked baby food, but loved to nurse, so I can't be of much help.
    Sorry and good luck!

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    Default Re: Baby is eating 7 jars of solids a day! Help!

    That does sound like too much but I am no doctor. Unless he has stopped nursing some in place of eating all the solids, he should still be getting what he needs from your breastmilk. Some babies just have really big appetites and I think that it is possible for a baby to not know when to stop. My dd is one with a big appetite so I can understand that part! My suggestion would be to lay off of the jarred foods. Being spoon fed and eating mostly purees can maybe make him feel like he is still hungry. For example, we as adults are told to eat more slowly and give our bodies time to digest because eating too fast means that you eat more than you need before your body tells you that it is full. I imagine the same is very true with our LO's. Spoon feeding means eating FAST and there is not a lot to make you feel full. Even with breastmilk, all liquid of course, there is hindmilk to let thier little bodies know it is getting time to slow down.

    Why don't you try offering him finger foods? I HAVE to feed my dd all foods prepared by me, (not much from a jar at all) because she is allergic to so much and most baby foods are not allergy friendly. So even when the jars would seem more convienent, I have learned that they really are not. You can cook up some squash, carrots, green beans and other veggies in very little time. There is always avacado and banana that take no prep. I also buy frozen peaches and blueberries and either defrost in the fridge or pop them in the microwave for a second if I haven't had time. All easy, and all finger foods. She feeds herself so does not eat too fast and she decides when to stop as well. Sometimes spoon fed babies have a harder time sending the message that they are full.

    Also, do you offer a little water or something with the meal? Sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger.

    And bottom line, your BM is enough so if he is sacrificing nursing to eat solids, just lay low on the solids for awhile.


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    Default Re: Baby is eating 7 jars of solids a day! Help!

    How old is your lo?

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    Default Re: Baby is eating 7 jars of solids a day! Help!

    I totally agree with sweetiejo5...although I realized that I have no idea how old your lo is so that will play a major role in what you do. However, if the problem is that your lo is hungry, and only hungry for solids then try this...

    Nurse first always. (side note:whether you nurse once or ten times, baby recieves all the immunological benefits either way)

    Try moving away from pureed foods altogether. Start with something like mashed potatoes. Make a huge batch, really thick so that you can make little balls that your lo can pick up. Then you can put the batch in the fridge and have it to warm up throughout the week. These are an excellent first food as far as choking and ease of chew is concerned. However, of course, the nutrition police might say otherwise...and I agree that potatoes all the time is not wise, but its a good starter. Oh yea, and the frozen blueberries are great! I actually give them to ds frozen and he teeths on them (he's 16 mo, so no choking concern), but younger thawed they are so easy to chew. Oatmeal made with apple juice, yogurt (depending on age), avocadoes, whole wheat noodles, O cereal (I like Kashi) is great for on the go, bananas, I'll say oatmeal again, because its such a great food to start with...it filled ds up so well and he absolutely loved it with the apple taste. Anyhow, try it if your lo is old enough but always nurse first and then offer again afterwards.

    If this however is an issue of your lo still being too young for so much (under six months) then I would take solids away and let your body start making more milk...as Im sure with your lo eating so much solids, your body has decreased production.

    I started my ds too early on solids and ended up cutting them out cold turkey...he did beautifully once my supply went way up after two days and he never had solids again until he was 9 1/2 mo! And then it was all "real" food that he ate with his fingers. He's a great eater now! well, sorry for the novel, I hope it all helps.

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