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Thread: flax seed oil, karo syrup

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    Default flax seed oil, karo syrup

    Have heard wonderful things about flax seed oil and karo syrup to help soften poop. I was wondering which brands people used and how much of it they gave their little ones and at what age. My LO refuses to eat from a during the day and have been trying to start solids eventhough he is only 4 mths..So the stool last time was formed eventhough he didn't struggle that hard to poop. How much of flax seed and karo syrup should I use

    thanks in advance

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    I use Karo brand syrup. My son is 8.5 months and Dr. said to use tiny bit in his sippy. I don't measure but I probably put 1/2 to 3/4 tsp. in there with his water. He hates juices so I can only put it in his water. If I put more he tastes it and won't drink it. But I agree, it works wonders on helping him to go and keep his poop soft. I only give it to him once every other wk. or so. He just got some today due to not pooping for almost a wk. now. HTH

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    MY SIL swears by karo syrup. I have not tried it - my DD is pretty regular.

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