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    I wrote this in the other forum last week I guess I should have place it here.

    I trying to reintroduce my DS 3 week old back to the breast. I started pumping all of his milk when he was about a week old. I use the Medela In Style Original. I pump every 2-3 hours I pump 3-4 oz at each pumping. When my milk was pumping anywhere between 8-16 oz at a time but it has slowed down to 3-4 oz at a time. I was told ( by a LLL) that when my milk came in it just came in heavy. When it slowed down I was nervous and thought something was wrong. But that is not the issue now. I tried everything feeding him at night when he is sleepy and before he gets hungry but he want evern latch on. I want even open his mouth to the breast. He opens just a little to see what it is and once he feels what it is he close up. I trying my best not to give but some days are harder then the other. I just want him to go back to BFing. What else is there for me to do and is it possible to get him back on the breast.

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    This is certainly possible! Especially since your baby is still so tiny. You really need to get a hospital grade pump. That is why you cannot pump as much right now. The PIS is not sufficient stimulation for exclusive pumping. You need to get your supply up as much as possible in order to coax your baby back to the breast. You can buy a hospital grade pump on E-Bay or rent one. I would suggest the Madela Classic, Lactina, or Symphony. The older Hollister hospital grade pump and Eggnell are also good ones. You are probably going to have to suck train the baby to help him learn how to get back to the breast. Nipple shields also sometimes work for bottle fed babies. I would locate a IBCLC at ilca.org to find one in your area. They are highly trained with these things. I wouldn't delay while your baby is so tiny. The sooner the easier this will be. Some women use the syringe or SNS to coax the baby to the breast. That is another alternative. It is important though to make sure that the baby does not get hooked on the SNS. A really good IBCLC that I know of likes the syringe better. She likes to suck train the baby by putting the finger in the baby's mouth to teach the baby to suck it. Some women put the SNS tube filled with breastmilk in it to teach the baby. Then try to get baby to the breast to do the same.

    I wish you well. This can be done and high chance it will happen! If so, please come tell us so that others can be encouraged.
    Mama to 2 wonderful girls (nursed 3 yrs.) and twin boys born 12/30/05 (stuck on the SNS due to pallate issues discovered very late) Thankful though that at least at the breast.

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