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Thread: do I have an oversupply problem?

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    Default Re: do I have an oversupply problem?

    Hi Fozzie,

    Our swing is just a hand me down graco one, it is nothing amazing but the motion seems to lull our sweet terror! I would think that any swing would work, ask around your friends, everyone seems to have one that they no longer use!

    My husband is quick to plug dd with the pacifier too, must be a gender thing!

    Good luck, I hope things are improving for you.


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    Default Re: do I have an oversupply problem?

    Hi and thanks to everyone that has replied. We visited our pediatrician Friday to weigh DD and she gained nearly 400 grams in 10 days, which is even above average, so he told us not to worry at all and that she's getting plenty to eat. He also said not to worry about what color her stools are.

    As for the crying at the breast, she still does it once or twice a day and when it happens I take it to mean she's had enough to eat but is trying to comfort suck. Most times she'll calm down when I burp her. Regarding the short nursing sessions and the letting go of the nipple repeatedly, well, that hasn't changed but I'm less worried about it. The pediatrician told us not to time her feedings and not to worry about it—she's getting enough. I figure if DD wants to nurse like that, so be it!

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