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Thread: Metformin and black flecks

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    Default Metformin and black flecks

    My 6 week old has been on a 1-2 poop a week schedule for about 3 weeks after having previously been on a poop every time he eats schedule.

    The color and consistency has been appropriate for a breastfed baby - mustard yellow brown with sesame seed sized/colored flecks in it.

    Today however (and while we were out for the day at that) he pooped 7 times. #'s 5 & 6 were green with flecks that were black like he'd ingested pepper (which I know he's not.) #7 was green with brown mucus and a bit of white to it. It almost liked like bird droppings.

    He is not in distress and his behavior outside of pooping a lot is not out of the ordinary for him. He has had some lower belly gas, but again this too is not out of the ordinary for him.

    The only thing that changed in my diet was I was to start back on the Metformin for my PCOS and as it's a graduated dose I only took one pill yesterday (you build up to the proper dose over a few weeks.) Now Metformin can make me practically live on the toilet, but it didn't today. Per Dr. Hale, its supposed to be safe for breastfeeding mothers, but I am having issues believing that it didn't have an effect on my son.

    so - 2 questions here.

    1. Is there anyone else here who's got a nursling and is taking Metformin - if so what was the effect on your baby if anything?

    2. Should I worry about the black flecks?

    I can call the doctor's late night line on this but I'm concerned that the on call might not be too savvy about breastfeeding.

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    Default Re: Metformin and black flecks

    Oh, I feel your pain with the metformin!! I do not know if it is okay to take Metformin while breastfeeding, but my fertility doctor did recommend that I take it until I was 12 weeks to help prevent a miscarriage.

    On a side note, I found that if I eat a bowl of oatmeal with each dose of Metformin, it definitly slowed down the number of sprints to the bathroom (TMI??). I would eat a few bites, take the pills, then finish the oatmeal. By the time I was done taking the Metformin, I was so sick of oatmeal, but it was better to choke it down than run to the toilet!! I have not eaten oatmeal since I was 12 weeks pg til about a month ago, now I eat it to help with my milk.

    Hope someone else can help with the poo question.

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    Default Re: Metformin and black flecks

    ok, don't freak out but it sounds like it could be blood. it can happen for many different reasons and you probably should contact your doctor. my lo had flecks of blood in his stool recently from taking amoxicilan so we stopped using it and his ped diagnosed it as an allergy to amoxicilan. blood in stool can look black like coffee grounds or like jelly sometimes.
    here is a link re blood in babies stool



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    Default Re: Metformin and black flecks

    I never stopped taking my Metformin and my baby has never had any side effects from it. I hope that whatever's going on with your little one is not related!

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    Default Re: Metformin and black flecks

    Not sure about the metformin, but I have an experience with the black flecks. My son had the same kind of black flecks in his poop at about 6wks old. I completely stumped the Dr. They had me bring samples for weeks. At one point his poop was jet black! I was very scared.
    It turned out I had a small crack in my nipple and he was getting some of my blood.
    Not sure if this could be something that might be the problem.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Metformin and black flecks

    According to my pedi, and my own experience, black specks in baby's stool usually means blood in the stool due to irritation of the stomach, bowel, or anus; it's one of the clues that your LO is allergic/insensitive to something they're getting through your milk. DS used to get that if I had ANY dairy at all, though now he's outgrown that. It really sounds to me like your LO is having a reaction, and if the medication usually makes you need to "go" then it's possible the minute amount your LO is getting is having the same effect on him.
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