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Thread: Uncomfortable Baby - Help!

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    Unhappy Uncomfortable Baby - Help!

    My son is almost 4 mos old and has been exclusively bf. He has been diagnosed with Acid Reflux so he is on Zantac. I recently went to see a GI doctor and they told me that he is probably suffering from food allergies (even though there hasn't been any blood in his stool). The GI dr came to this conclusion because of my son's loose stool and he had a small rash on his cheeks which has cleared up since then. So for two days now I have eliminated dairy from my diet - difficult but I guess I'll get the hang of it. I bought a can of formula (Alimentum) but cry every time I think of using it. I'm just so tired of my little man crying and wish I could take his pain away but I don't know what's wrong. He hasn't been sleeping well, hardly napping throughout the day and not sleeping more than 2 hours at a clip at night. I thought he might be teething since he drools like my chocolate lab and chews on his pacifier like crazy! Lately when he is nursing he occasionally pulls away and gets frustrated. I was afraid he might have an ear infection but he doesn't. My husband and I even tried to put cereal in pumped milk to help with the reflux but my son just threw it all up and continued to vomit all through the night (bile and all) - it was horrible. And to top everything off he hates the car seat! He screams in the car the whole time. I've checked the straps, his clothes, temp. , etc. - I don't know what else to do.
    I'm overwhelmed. I don't want to stop bf - it has become so important to me but I feel myself starting to lose it. Any advice?

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    I just pm'd you a bunch of links to the allergy forum....hang in there!! Everything will be okay...you do not have to quit breastfeeding!

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    as far as the carseat - is he in the infant type bucket carrier? my son hated that and screamed 90% of the time in that. when we switched to the rear facing convertible it got much better - he still doesn't love car rides but now he only cries maybe 10 to 20% of the time. i think with the reflux the bucket puts pressure on their tummies. also my baby was on zantac and it worked for a while but for many babies it stops working. he is on prevacid now and it has helped somewhat more. i've heard cereal can actually make the reflux worse.

    anyway hang in there mama!! breastfeeding is best for your baby and things will get better. reflux peaks between 4 and 6 mos so you are at the height of it right now and many cases clear up completely by 6 mos. my son is just over 6 mos and just recently his spitting up has decreased dramatically. he used to spit up several times a day - he has spit up once in the past week so i am hoping he is outgrowing it!

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    you can try to cut out cows milk and see how he does.
    Some babies are just fussy.

    dr sears has some good links about food allergies


    heres a list of the foods:
    Most-Allergenic Foods

    citrus fruits
    dairy products
    egg whites
    peanut butter
    Least-Allergenic Foods

    safflower oil
    sunflower oil
    sweet potatoes

    I just wanted to add the looose poops might not be anything if the doctor is used to seeing formula babies....
    Its ok to do your own reserch! Most doctors are clueless when it comes to breastfeed babies.

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    Hang in there. If the baby is not napping at all during they day, that may be part of his crankiness. I don't know what you've tried, but I find that cradling my son while bouncing on an exercise ball helps him to take naps. Also, walking him outside in a carrier. Sleeping only 2hrs at a time at night is not unusual. My son has done since the beginning, and from what I can tell, my DS is not the only one. Also, it may be that you LO is too distracted to BF or perhaps not patient enough. Have you tried just pumping the BM and giving it to son in a bottle? The milk comes out of the bottle faster and sometimes I find that DS responds to this better. Good luck!

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    I am so sorry that you are having such a rough time. I can feel how frustrated you are in your email. Have you tried swaddling or baby wearing? It may help your poor LO get some sleep, or at least cut down the fussiness. I agree with pp that reflux babies hate the car seat, i think it smooshes their tummy. As far as continuing to BF, it is easier on baby to spit up breastmilk than formula, even if they keep spitting up, it is better!
    Hang in there!

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    I had the same problem with my 4 month old. The reflux began around 3 weeks and he is on zantac. Even with the zantac, he still was in pain and spitting up all the time. I was ready to try anything and had read that dairy could be a factor. lt felt daunting to cut out dairy since I love food, but I was desperate. It takes about two weeks to "flush" the dairy out of your system once you cut it out. As soon as it was out of mine, my baby was no longer in pain. It is like night and day and the BEST thing I ever did. He is a happy baby who spits up frequently due to reflux, but no longer has pain. The LaLeche league website has info on what you need to look for on ingredient labels to help you cut out dairy. Also, if you have a Whole Foods in your area they have a list on their website that tells you every item they carry that is dairy-free.
    After the initial shopping trip and adjustment, it gets much easier. I would suggest trying it at least for a month, you will notice a difference if the dairy is a factor. If not, then your baby can probably tolerate dairy and it must be something else.

    My baby hates his carseat too. I gave him a "lovey" to hold in his carseat and he seems better about it now. Also, he sleeps in a glider chair that is upright to cut down on his reflux waking him up. He never slept in his carseat since he didn't care for it.

    Good luck with your reflux and I hope your baby is pain-free soon!

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    My Lo has reflux and I read that many foods can make it worse. I've noticed that she has more problems when I have dairy, garlic and acidy foods. I have to admit that I was very ovewhelmed at the thought of giving them all up and thought about not BF any more, but she has been so much happier now that it's worth it. I've also read that the drooling can be associated with the reflux, something about the saliva helping with the acid in the stomach. Your DS might be pulling off because the reflux is worse with a full tummy. My LO HATES the carseat as well. Hopfully it will get better with the meds. I know how you feel. Keep us posted!

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    Hi there!! Have you tried a different reflux med?? My lo was on zantac and it actually made her worse than better. We went in to our pedatrician and she said that can happen with any med and she switched us to a prevacid solutab, now she is much, much better!! Have you seen any teeth?? My oldest daughter cut teeth and had two in by fourteen weeks so it is possible!! Could also just be refulx. My lo likes her car seat much better now that her reflux is under control. And we were also told to try alimentum if we had to supplement, which like you, we tried out of desperation, and she threw up all of it and then some. Breastmilk is best mama keep up the good work, and hang in there!!

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