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Thread: Baby upset with nursing . . . need support/help

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    Default Baby upset with nursing . . . need support/help

    My DD is almost 4.5 months old and I started back to work full time last week. She is getting 2-3 bottles of EBM a day. The past couple of days she has been very upset with breastfeeding. She starts to feed and then starts crying/acting upset. It is hard to get a good feeding in because she is getting so upset.

    I think that she is upset because the boob flows slower than the bottles. We tried a slow flow nipple with her, but she would not take any bottle until we put on a faster nipple. I don't want to wean her or suppliment with formula, but I may have no choice. There is no way that I can pump enough to meet all her feeding needs. I am already behind from pumping at work, so pumping all the time is not an option.

    The only time she is feeding well is in the middle of the night.

    Any suggestions or support? I don't want to stop breastfeeding, but I cannot live with a constant battle.


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    Default Re: Baby upset with nursing . . . need support/help

    You're not alone!!! This happened to me too when DS first when to daycare.


    She will take the breast ... (at least IMHO).

    Give her time to adjust to the changes in her life too. And I am convinced that she's come back to "normal" especially since you said she's great at night!!!

    Good luck!!!

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