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Thread: Baby pain after feeding

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    Default Baby pain after feeding

    I need help. My 7 week old cries so hard after each feeding. I've fed him until he's satisfied and he cries hysterically on and off for about 1 hour while I'm burping him. I've also tried feeding for 10 minutes, pulling him off to burp before continuing to feed. He just has so mauch gas after each feeding and he cries the entire time until all his gas bubbles are out of his tummy - is this normal? Am I doing something wrong?

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    Maybe your little one has gas. Is he arching his back and wrigling around like he can't settle? I sometimes have to give my lo mylecon gas drops, they usually work. nother think you could try is massaging his tummy. Laying lo on the floor and bicycling his legs works somtimes too. HTH keep us posted.

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    It is normal, usually lasts until the end of 3rd month when their digestive system gets big enough to handle the bubbles they swallow while nursing. Make sure the latch is very good though to minimize swallowing air.

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