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Thread: fat milk cow!!

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    He said she didn't mean it like it sounded. And I said well then what did she mean? In other words he is defending her. And doesn't want to say anything to her "because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings!!"
    My husband says this about his father ALL THE TIME. He makes comments about my weight constantly. The day after I gave birth I got up from the hospital bed and he said "DAMN, now that's what I call a wide load"

    He has since said things about my wieght with the most recent being that I was finally getting back to my pre-preggo size so my husband would find me attractive again. Jerk. I finally told DH that he either was going to start standing up for me or I was going to do it myself and if his fathers feelings were an issue for him then he REALLY did not want me interveening (sp) It's rude, mean and simply uncalled for. YOU are his wife, HE chose to marry you so in that case it is HIS responsibilty to protect you from the meaness of HIS family. Weather she meant it or not it hurt your feelings. Comments about weight or any other is simply NOT called for. My DH's favorite saying is "He was just joking" Well, IMNSHO it is NOT joking if someone's feelings are getting hurt. All that being said, we just spend 3 days with them in Tenn. and there was not even a hint of weight comments from his dad. Guess he finally took me seriously when I told him if it continued I was not going to purposefully put myself in that position anymore. Hope things get better for you. Big .

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    I want to thank you all for your input,and I think I will take it upon myself to talk to her. I also want to say I am sorry you'all have to deal with the same instances.

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    Talking Re: fat milk cow!!

    first, let me say, "wow" and i'm sorry
    and second, i guess that i too am a "fat milk cow" and you what....i am damn proud of it!!!
    we are doing the very best for our lo's and that is what really counts, not what some ignorant person feels the need to blurt out to make themselves more self confident!!
    so, scr*w her!
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